Why invest in property styling?

Very simply, because it makes you more money! For most people, buying a property is an aspirational process. We hone in on the likely buyer of your property (family, downsizer, single professional etc) and create spaces that appeal directly to that buyer, targeted styling has the ability to elevate the perceived value of your property improving your sale price on auction day. It’s all about generating maximum ROI.

How much more money will I make exactly?

It’s widely believed that on average property styling adds 10% to the sale price – a very worthwhile investment indeed!

What style do you furnish homes in?

It doesn’t matter what style you like or what we like. Instead, we’ll style your home for your target buyer. This might mean homely, contemporary, classic, minimalist. It definitely means more money in your back pocket.

How much does property styling cost?

It depends on the size of your home and can cost anywhere from $2200 – $15,000+. For a detailed quote, fill out our online form or give us a call for more information. Our ‘Style Now, Pay Later’ service means you pay just 20% up front, with a small set up fee. There are no-interest repayments over 3 or 4 months and no penalties for early payouts. 

Will I need to remove all my furniture?

Again, it depends on your property. Our main aim is to create a cohesive look for each room which clearly demonstrates its function and ensure the rooms flow together to create an overall impression. In some cases, some items can remain. Usually though, you’ll achieve a better result if we’re able to completely style the property.

Can we continue to live in our house while your products are there?

Of course!

How far do you travel from Melbourne?

We service all of Melbourne, Geelong Bellarine Penninsula and the Surf Coast.

Do you style homes that are not for sale?

Yes, we also offer interior decorating services.

Do you have any photos of your work?

Absolutely! See the beautiful spaces we’ve created in our gallery.

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